AAP 2011 Vaccine Recommendations

A policy statement was recently released by the American Academy of Pediatrics to reflect revisions to their recommended childhood and adolescent immunization schedules. There do not appear to be any major changes, but rather the revision provides additional guidance for pediatricians on how to administer various vaccines. As this policy statement is available freely to the public, I have simply provided a link so that you can read the changes for yourself. Once on the Pediatrics website, note the links in the right-side toolbar.  You can click a link, called ‘Immunization Charts’ in order to see the entire immunization schedule currently recommended by the AAP.

For additional vaccine-related reading, I have added The Vaccine Book, by Dr. Sears to my store. I found this book to be a very accurate, informative, and non-biased representation of the pros/cons of various vaccines.

If you have any questions regarding the AAP policy revision, please comment below or contact me through my ‘About’ page.


Reference:  PEDIATRICS Vol. 127 No. 2 February 2011, pp. 387-388 (doi:10.1542/peds.2010-3203)


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