You have heard about attachment parenting, detachment parenting, natural parenting, free-range parenting, and recently even Chinese vs. Western parenting. Now, I would like to welcome you to Scientific Parenting!

Scientific Parenting, as I see it, is the practice of basing one’s parenting decisions on real scientific information. Not on a journalist’s interpretation of science.  Not on some website you happen to stumble upon through a Google search.  Not on what your mom, mother-in-law, or coworker happens to believe about the subject. I’m talking about real, honest-to-goodness scientific data. Data that is presented from an unbiased perspective, in language you can understand. I hope that, in time, this is what you will come to expect from my Scientific Parenting blog. It is my personal goal to present current research findings from the top scientific journals in a way that is relevant to you and your family.  Not so that I can tell what the best decisions are, but rather so that you can make truly informed decisions for yourself.

If you would like more information about one of my posts, if you feel as though I was less than objective in my writing, or if you have an idea for a future post please Contact Me.

TheDrBuchanan received a BS in Biology from Expensive Southern University and a PhD in Molecular and Human Genetics from Prestigious College of Medicine.  She now works as a Postdoctoral Fellow for Hometown University Cancer Institute, and lives with TheMrBuchanan and TheMiniBuchanan approximately 5 minutes away from the home where she grew up.  TheDrBuchanan is interested in helping those with little-to-no scientific training truly understand cutting-edge scientific research.


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